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Intriguing Cochrane Study Findings on Cardiovascular Disease

low glycaemic index

This week I stumbled upon a new publication in the Cochrane Library. This particular publication looked at the link between following a low glycaemic index diet and cardiovascular disease rates. The reason this study caught my eye was because it appeared to contradict usual dietary advice on this topic. Conventional thinking would associate low glycaemic index carbohydrates with improved cardiovascular

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Age of type 2 diabetes associated with cardiovascular & mortality risk

Age of onset of diabetes and CVD

The journal Circulation has published a new study. The study compared the age of diagnosis with type 2 diabetes and adverse cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. The authors claim an earlier onset of diabetes increases the risk of suffering adverse cardiovascular events e.g. stroke, heart attack. The researchers collected data from the national diabetes register in Sweden (where the study was

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Type 2 diabetes remission diet – An off the record discussion on the pros and cons

type 2 diabetes remission diet

Since originally blogging on the type 2 diabetes remission a while back (find it here) I’ve been getting many more enquiries about this. This is in no small part to the media coverage on the diet.  It makes sense really. If you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past you wouldn’t have received any information about a possible

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