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Type 2 diabetes remission diet – An off the record discussion on the pros and cons

type 2 diabetes remission diet

Since originally blogging on the type 2 diabetes remission a while back (find it here) I’ve been getting many more enquiries about this. This is in no small part to the media coverage on the diet.  It makes sense really. If you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past you wouldn’t have received any information about a possible

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Can an 800kcal per day diet really put your T2DM into remission?

Direct study follow up

Type 2 diabetes effects almost one in ten people in the UK.  Current guidelines for management of type 2 diabetes focus heavily upon drug treatments to help reduce blood glucose levels and reduce the risks associated with the disease. With diabetes taking up to 10% of the total NHS budget, alternative lifestyle therapies have never been in more demand. Disease

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