Blood Glucose Recovery Programme for T2DM

The Blood Glucose Recovery Programme is all about recovering your diabetes control. Did you know the vast majority of type 2 diabetes is manageable through lifestyle changes?

In this programme I will teach you how to control your glucose levels and reduce the risk of long term complications.

How does it work?

Type 2 diabetes is the body’s inability to control your blood glucose levels.

The pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. All hormones are messengers and so insulin sends a message to the body to let glucose into the cells. Therefore, insulin allows glucose to enter the cells so it can be used for energy or stored for later. This process does not work as well In type 2 diabetes.

The vast majority of people suffering with type 2 diabetes do so because of lifestyle factors such as carrying excess weight and/or lack of activity and non non lifestyle related reasons such as genetics and age.

As you carry too much weight, age or lead a sedentary lifestyle, the body’s cells can become clogged with fat. This leads to the body becoming resistant to the insulin produced and therefore the insulin does not work as well.

As insulin no longer works optimally in the body, the cells can no longer absorb as much glucose broken down from carbohydrates. This leads to an increase in your blood glucose levels.

In order to help improve your control, we need to treat the underlying cause of the disease, which is the insulin resistance.

Therefore, the programme focuses on reducing the fat clogging up the cells. This improves your insulin sensitivity through a combination of calorie monitoring and increased activity.

What does the programme involve?

Don’t worry, it isn’t just rabbit food. In fact, the programme incorporates very normal foods and will suit all likes and dislikes. However, as you progress through the programme you will notice a shift towards more nutritious foods which automatically encourage better diabetes control.

Most of the work is done in your 1:1 appointments with your dietitian via telephone/skype/in person. This means the programme can be tailored specifically to you.

The dietitian will address your current behaviours but also delve into the psychology of eating addressing triggers and behavioural responses. They will work with you to shift this behaviour so better choices are made long term. They will also educate you about nutrition and diabetes so you become the expert.

The plan itself gives you plenty of choice and caters to each person individually. I also appreciate no diet plan can be followed all the time. That’s why the programme is designed to be followed 80-90% of the time. This allows for the occasional party, holiday or break from the programme. It’s more about being consistent most of the time and this programme will help you achieve that.

You therefore receive a full diet plan to follow alongside 6 months of specialist dietitian support. This is provided through a combination of monthly 1:1 appointments, either in person or virtually, and text and email support. I will educate you about type 2 diabetes through a combination of appointments and educational material. Over time you become the expert on your care.

Can’t I just eat low carb?

Type 2 Diabetes is an inability to use the glucose broken down from carbohydrates in your body. However, cutting out carbohydrates without addressing the underlying issues only masks the problem. Once you incorporate carbohydrates back into your diet without the appropriate lifestyle changes, you will get the same response you have always had. This programme helps to address the underlying issues so you can enjoy a varied and balanced diet.

Is it for me?

Ultimately, this is for you to decide.

If you feel your glucose levels can be improved the programme can help you.

If you feel like support is lacking in your care or time between appointments is too long, the programme offers more support, which is more frequent.

It offers more frequent follow up and gives you a plan to follow.

The plan will be personalised to you over the 6 months to make sure we get it right.

How much does it cost?

The diet guide, plus your six 1:1 monthly appointments, educational material and text and email support can be yours for £350. There are no hidden fees following this.

I also offer a maintenance support option following your last appointment for £45 per month for the same service plus a monthly 1:1 appointment.

How do I Join?

For more information, all you need to do is get in touch, preferably via email using the contact form below, so we can book in your free consultation.

I hope to work with you soon.