Type 1 Diabetes Diet – Glucose Management Programme

Type 1 Diabetes Diet

Many patients with type 1 diabetes I see in practice greatly improve their glucose management utilising some key principles.

The type 1 diabetes diet glucose management programme helps you through education and carbohydrate counting principles. Using this, my patients are often able to improve their glucose levels to within or near target.

Education & Pattern Recognition

The first step is understanding what foods effect your glucose levels, by how much and identifying patterns. Often patients will have had some formal education and so know the basics. However, they are unable to recognise the daily patterns responsible for glucose drops or spikes and/or what to do about them.

If you haven’t learned the basics, don’t worry, I can cover this in detail as well.

Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate counting is the system we teach to patients following a basal bolus insulin regimen (rapid and slow acting insulins).

This system allows patients to adjust their own insulin according to what they are eating.

Once taught and practiced, patients glucose levels often normalise and frequently require less total daily insulin.

This system helps apply a more methodical approach to glucose management. This means when it’s going well, it can be great, and when it’s not going so well, it is easier to identify why.


Although support is available for free on the NHS with some excellent services, regular contact can be problematic due to sheer demand.

Unfortunately, I have heard first hand from patients how this has left some of them wishing for more support.

For this reason the service is structured around ensuring you have that support and point of contact.

Some patients joining the programme do so only for this reason.

How much does it cost?

The programme is for 6 months and costs £350. This is a one time fee with no hidden costs. This entitles you to a monthly 1:1 appointment in person or via Skype/telephone for 6 months.

It also gives you supporting literature and a regular point of contact via text and email between appointments.

I also offer 1:1 consultancy priced at £60 pay as you go and provides 1 month of support.

Is this available on the NHS?

In a word, yes but be prepared to wait for support and appointments.

Newly diagnosed type 1s can wait up to a year before attending formal group education and often months between follow up appointments.

More experienced type 1’s can sometimes want more input but due to high service demands they can only be seen so often. This is more than likely less regularly than monthly.

Due to service pressure, specialist diabetes teams often only get to the see the most urgent and poorly controlled patients. This leaves those with moderate to good control left to see their GP practices, who although helpful, aren’t necessarily truly diabetes specialists. This can leave many wanting more support despite moderate to good control.

It is still worth remaining with your diabetes team and attending group education as these are invaluable resources. However, my programme is designed to compliment the good work already going on in the NHS.

Who this is not for

This service is not medical. It will teach you insulin adjustment principles but I cannot change your insulin. I cannot diagnose problems or prescribe medications.

I can offer advice based on my expertise working alongside diabetes consultants but I will always refer you back to your GP for referral to a diabetes consultant should this be your interest.

Free consultation

To check this is right for both of us, I always offer a free initial consultation. This helps us clarify if the service is right for you and helps me understand if and how I can help you before any money has exchanged hands.

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