1:1 Diabetes consultancy Services

Being a diabetes specialist dietitian it is my job to help facilitate change in my patients. I achieve this through education, empowerment, motivation and support.

Many individuals with diabetes suffer with multiple other conditions. The may also have many considerations alongside the diabetes. The 1:1 diabetes consultancy service personalises the advice to your individual circumstance and helps improve your diabetes control.

How does it work?

There are two options.

  1. A pay as you go option or
  2. A 3 month option.

The 3 month option is to ensure you get the necessary support and education. This also makes sure we have enough time to make changes and differences to your glucose levels.

This gives you access to essentially all the support you need depending on what will help you most.

You get 1 appointment each month for 3 months. Between appointments you can remain in touch with me via text message and email and I will frequently be checking in. I also provide dietary plans/guides to help you manage your nutritional intake. This isn’t designed to be a strict plan but rather a framework to follow.

Appointments are held face to face if you are local to Southampton or via Skype or the telephone.

Each appointment we agree a specific and measurable plan to work towards over the next month. Each month we build upon the plan to help you improve your diabetes control.

Is it for me?

Ultimately, this is for you to decide. Patients who have previously benefited include the following:

  • Newly diagnosed
  • Struggling with glucose levels
  • Need more sessions than a typical NHS service can provide
  • Require education or reeducation
  • Need someone to ask questions to

How much does it cost?

Pay as you go costs £60 for one 1:1 appointment and one month of follow up support.

The 3 months cost a total of £350. There are no hidden fees following this.

How do I get involved?

I always start with a free initial consultation to ensure safety prior to commencing the plan. This is particularly important if you take certain medications which can induce hypoglycaemia.

The free consultation is also to ensure you have an opportunity to have your questions answered and find out whether it is actually for you. There are no obligations or commitments.

For more information, all you need to do is get in touch, preferably via email using the contact form below, so we can book in your free consultation.

I hope to work with you soon.