Consultancy Services & Diet Plans

Do you need an extra helping hand in improving your health? I also offer a range of services designed specifically to help people with diabetes.

Choose between 1:1 pay as you go consultancy services or my 3 month coaching programme.

1:1 Consultancy

As the names implies, 1:1 allows you the opportunity to have an hour contualtation with me (virtually or in person if local to Southampton). After going through all aspects of your lifestyle and  health I can then explain how to improve your health in a patient centred way that works for you.

3 month coaching programme

This option goes the extra mile. You will receive a 1:1 appointment each month (3 in total). I also suggest we touch base at least weekly between appointments to help keep you on track.

This option offers the extra support patients often need once the motivation from the initial appointment begins to fade.

I will also tailor the programme to your needs. Whether that’s a more structured programme setting dietary plans and goals, advise surrounding exercise or food diary analysis I can be flexible.

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