T2DM Recovery Programme

Welcome to the type 2 diabetes recovery programme

The type 2 diabetes recovery programme is a step by step guide about how to manage your type 2 diabetes through lifestyle and diet. Designed for people needing a helping hand with their type 2 diabetes management. It shows you exactly how to put the lifestyle recommendations for managing the condition into place.

The idea behind the programme is to recover control of your glucose levels so you can improve your health and quality of life longer term. 

How it works

The programme is split into 2 segements

1. 1:1 consultation with specialist dietitian

You get a 1 hour appointment with a diabetes specialist dietitian who can listen to your challenges and help you put specific strategies in place to reach your goals. 

2. Online course and diet plan

We’ve also laid out the road map to managing type 2 diabetes with our online course. The video course and downloadable information guides explain how to lower blood glucose levels through lifestyle changes. 

The diet plan is a practical guide showing you which foods you should be eating in abundance, foods you should portion control and foods that should be enjoyed only once in a while. The plan is flexible so nothing is off limits all the time. 

Booking your 1:1 appointment

You can buy the course using the purchase button on the course page and we will be in touch via email to organise your appointment. If you’d prefer to contact us first before purchasing for confirmation drop us an email at info@diabetesdietguy.com. 

Why the course was written

After seeing thousands of patients in conventional healthcare asking for more support we decided the course could help those people who rarely get to see diabetes specialists or want more support.

It is an affordable way to gain specialist advice and all the information you need about managing type 2 diabetes. This is therefore another option to paying an increased price for our private consultancy services or spending hours upon hours searching online. 

Why does it work?

The overwhelming largest factor for managing type 2 diabetes is lifestyle change. Therefore, the course focuses on the dietary and physical activity behaviour habits you can start building into your daily life, from today, to help you recover your diabetes control.

It also comes equipped with a full dietary plan which is consistent with UK dietary guidance. This shows you what foods to eat, in what potions, at what frequency. Therefore, the plan is designed to take the difficulty out of choosing good dietary options.

After completing the programme, you’ll have all the information you need to start managing your type 2 diabetes.

What’s in the diet plan?

The plan is to work more like a guide to show you, rather than tell you, what to do. 

Each food group is broken down and we use an easy method separating the foods into green, amber and red foods. 

Green foods can be eaten freely as they are low in calories and low in carbohydrates.  

Amber foods show you how much is a recommended portion to avoid over indulging. 

Red foods, aren’t to be avoided entirely but these are the high calorie and high carbohydrate foods that if eaten too often can exacerbate high glucose levels. 

Is this information available for free?

Yes and no. All patients with type 2 diabetes are invited to type 2 diabetes education. This is typically an afternoon course and then patients are usually discharged back to their GP. Therefore, the extent of the initial education is half a day, which is absolutely enough for some patients. For others, it is not. 

There is also a lot of information online that can be accessed for free. Even our blog has a bunch of information available to patients, which you can access on the above link under information and learn. 

How is this course different? 

We cover everything from type 2 diabetes education but take it further. The programme gives you insights and comment from Mark, our specialist diabetes dietitian.

Type 2 education does not provide a diet guide that shows what to eat to keep your glucose levels under control. This isn’t designed to be followed to the letter but it does offer specific guidance on what the dietary guidelines actually look like in practice. Therefore, you can see what foods you should be choosing very easily. 

We also go into much more detail in our videos than is possible in type 2 education. This is because we are not restricted by time and you can watch at your own pace. Sometimes receiving all the information in one hit can be information overload and so breaking it down can be beneficial. 

Furthermore, often information online can be contradictory and hard to find. Therefore, rather than spending hours online trying to put individual pieces of information together bit by bit, we have it all here, in order, saving you time and potential frustration. 

Is the programme for me?

Ultimately, it is for you decide. If you want help with your type 2 diabetes, we can show you how to manage it from a lifestyle perspective without having to pay the increased fees for 1:1 consultancy. 

We have all the information here written and delivered by a specialist diabetes dietitian Mark Green. 

Mark goes through everything you need to now and provides comment on his experiences whilst keeping the advice realistic and achievable. 



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£ 100.00 £ 90.00
This course includes
  • 1:1 consultation with a specialist dietitian
  • 17 Explainer Videos
  • Full diet plan
  • Recipe guides
  • 23 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • What is type 2 diabetes
  • Glucose targets
  • What cause type 2 diabetes
  • Carbohydrate education
  • Glycaemic index and Glycaemix Load
  • Carb comparison - how much is too much
  • The food groups - what to eat
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Alcohol
  • Sweeteners - good or bad
  • Eating fat education
  • How to read food labels
  • Putting diabetes into remission
  • Putting it all together
Durations: 1 week
Lectures: 3
Maximum Students:
Skill level: beginner