T2DM Recovery Programme

The type 2 diabetes recovery programme is a step by step guide about how to manage your type 2 diabetes through lifestyle and diet. Designed for people needing a helping hand with their type 2 diabetes management. It shows you exactly how to put the lifestyle recommendations for managing the condition into place.

After seeing thousands of patients in conventional healthcare asking for more support we decided the course could help those people who rarely get to see diabetes specialists or want more support.

The overwhelming largest factor for managing type 2 diabetes is lifestyle. Therefore, the course focuses on the dietary and physical activity behaviour habits you can start building into your daily life, from today, to help you recover your diabetes control.

It also comes equipped with a full dietary plan which is consistent with UK dietary guidance. This shows you the healthier foods to eat for type 2 diabetes and takes the difficulty out of choosing good dietary options.

After completing the programme, you’ll have all the information you need to start managing your type 2 diabetes.



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£ 100.00 £ 90.00
This course includes
  • 17 Explainer Videos
  • Full diet plan
  • Recipe guides
  • 23 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • What is type 2 diabetes
  • Glucose targets
Durations: 1 week
Lectures: 3
Maximum Students:
Skill level: beginner