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What you need to know about saturated fat and CVD

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The effect of saturated fat on CVD outcomes. The debate put to bed Introduction What’s the truth about dietary saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease risk (CVD) risk? This is a topic we cover during my frequent diabetes education sessions. This is because diabetes significantly increases your risk of developing cardiovascular complications.  Usually I go through the spill of reducing

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How to treat a hypo

how to treat a hypo

Recently in clinic I’ve come across a few patients taking insulin or sulphonylureas (e.g. Gliclazide, Glimepiride, Gilbenclamide, Glipizide, Tolbutamide) who do not know how to treat a hypo. This is very important for this patient demographic because episodes of hypoglycaemia can be life threatening if not treated adequately. Therefore, todays topic is about how to treat these to ensure you

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