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8 reasons you should be eating carbohydrates.


I know, I know, but carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels I hear you say. Well this post is for the carb haters out there. I’m going to explain why carbohydrate containing foods aren’t actually bad and how you can still include them in your diet. Carbohydrates get a bad rep. They are the primary nutrient that increase blood glucose levels

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What you need to know about saturated fat and CVD

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The effect of saturated fat on CVD outcomes. The debate put to bed Introduction What’s the truth about dietary saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease risk (CVD) risk? This is a topic we cover during my frequent diabetes education sessions. This is because diabetes significantly increases your risk of developing cardiovascular complications.  Usually I go through the spill of reducing

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Should crash diets be part of NHS treatment?

Weight loss with diabetes

Should crash diets or fad diets be available on the NHS? This is always a controversial one that splits opinion. I suspect I could start full scale warfare just within my dietetic department by mentioning this topic. Some are staunch believers crash diets are what is needed to kick start people into losing weight. Others see this as unsustainable and

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What you need to know about Sweeteners


Can I eat Sweeteners? Will sweeteners increase my blood sugar levels? Aren’t sweeteners bad for you? I’d rather have real sugar than sweeteners as sweeteners are artificial. These are some of the common questions and statements I come across when running diabetes education sessions for patients. In fairness the topic is confusing with so many nutritionists and media articles frequently

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The Glycemic Index – What it is and why it’s relevant to diabetes

When navigating foods to control your diabetes, it can be confusing. There’s carbohydrates, protein foods, good fats, bad fats, vegetables, fruit but fruit is sugar and no single food group contains just one type of nutrient. No wonder managing your diabetes can be difficult. Then to add to the mix, you’re healthcare practitioner may have mentioned something called the glycemic

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