Are cereals healthy?

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Cereal is a staple of the diet but what are cereals healthy? This is a question that occurred to me recently when I recently visited some friends for an over night stay. Obviously, breakfast was served in the morning but it was a change from my usual 3 eggs and 2 toast.

I’d been talked into a run with my friend that morning and so when we got back I had a bit of an appetite. They had muesli in which they served with full fat greek yogurt. As nice as it was, I was less than impressed with the portion my friend served me.

Naturally, I went back for seconds and realised I’d used 3 of his 30g scoops plus yogurt. He told me he’d already given me 2.5 scoops the first time round meaning I’d just eaten 165g of muesli and a fair bit of yogurt. As a rough estimate I was thinking that’s easily 600-700kcal.

But then 2 hours later my stomach started to rumble. I was hungry again. The muesli had not touched the sides really. I’ve always found this when I eat cereal, hence why I choose a good source of protein in the morning – it fills you for longer.

This was eating 165g of muesli. Imagine if I’d eaten the portion recommended 30g! I’d have been starving.

This made think of conducting a little experiment. How does 100g of muesli with 200ml milk stack up against other foods in terms of the calorie content. Could you eat much more and remain more satisfied choosing other less calorie dense options? The results were quite surprising. In fact, I can see how choosing cereals could cause weight gain in people.

In this video, I explain what you can eat for the equivalent amount to 100g muesli with milk and how choosing other options may keep you more weight stable.

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