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Every week I receive questions. Whether in type 2 diabetes education or via our online community. One question that came up this week was ‘what is a low carb diet’? Sometimes we get so caught up in talking about things we forget some people might not know what we are saying.

Therefore, today I have made a video explaining what we mean when we say low carb diet. I’ve previously written a blog on the pros and cons of low carb diets which you can find here.

So what is a low carb diet. There is no true definition. This makes it difficult to assess their effectiveness but usually in type 2 diabetes we work off anywhere between 100-150g of carbohydrates per day.

Usually people only focus on starchy foods and forget you get carbohydrates in other places. This is one thing my diet plans focus on. I make sure your diet is healthy but within the recommended carbohydrate intakes.

Dietary effect

In type 2 diabetes, carbohydrates are the foods in your diet that effect your glucose levels. This is why we try to reduce the amount you eat. This doesn’t mean you have to cut them out entirely. If you choose healthier versions of carbs such as wholegrain, oats, wholemeal, vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses and lentils these help to improve type 2 diabetes outcomes and prevent getting the disease in the first place.

When we ask ‘what is a low carb diet’, keep in mind, not all carbs are the same. If you eat processed foods like white bread, white rice/pasta, processed breakfast cereals, sugar, these may need to be limited even further.

You don’t just want to eat less either. If you are reducing the carbs in your diet, make sure you replace what you have lost with other foods. Foods like vegetables and lean proteins (poultry, reduced far mince, lean steaks, fish) to help lower your calorie and carb intake.

This helps keep you satisfied and not fighting hunger because believe you will lose that battle.

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