Diets for lowering Glucose Levels? Is the media failing you?

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Diets for lowering glucose levels. Is the media failing you?

There’s been a lot of media coverage in recent times about diets for lowering glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. People are asking questions of the NHS and dietitians as to why we aren’t prescribing such diets for you. Frankly, questions are good. We like questions and being challenged. This is because that is what pushes healthcare forwards rather than relying upon the status quo.

However, recent media coverage has asked questions of diabetes healthcare professionals that I think is unfair. Asking why we aren’t rolling out diets for you to follow. Diets specifically made for lowering glucose levels. Diets that when broken down are basically slow release carbs and include plenty of vegetables and fibre. News flash, this is the dietary advice that we give and have given for 30 years+. In fact I have blogged on various dietary approaches previously. These include low carbohydrate diets (click here) and diet advice for improving overall diabetes control (click here).


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Often such comments come from doctors or media personalities with very prescriptive approaches and/or little understanding in nutrition or behaviour change.

It’s all good telling someone what to do but the question is whether they do it. That’s why we use a personalised approach. We make sure we apply the general principles of healthy eating to your personal circumstances.

This video quickly explains what your healthcare professional or dietitian is thinking when considering your health. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of our perspective.

We know about low-calorie, low glycaemic index, fasting, and many other diets. It’s finding the correct approach for each individual. This is why I say the media might be failing you because it creates unrealistic expectations. It also makes healthcare professionals appear as though we are against such diets.

I would also encourage you to click the above links for more advice on the what you can do to improve your glucose control. This blog is packed full of information regarding diet and type 2 diabetes. Check out the type 2 category on the home page and see what articles are most relevant to you.

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