Obesity – What causes it and what can we do about it?

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Todays’ video – below – is about obesity – I know again. But it continues with my recent theme and lends itself well to anyone who struggles with their weight.

Obesity is a topic which comes up time and time again in my practice. Whether you have diabetes or not, I think we can all agree there are times when we think we could do with shifting a bit of timber.

Today is more of a topical piece and continues with the theme of obesity I’ve stumbled upon recently.

The information can still be applicable whether you have any type of diabetes if you want to shift some weight.

This blog draws upon the most recent government publications identifying the primary causes of obesity but of course there are plenty more. It i

s beyond the scope of a six minute video to address all the causes of obesity but I wanted to keep it objective in this blog.

In future I’ll explain several other factor

s that contribute to weight gain that I’ve no

ticed over years working with patients.

This is my first venture into video on the page. I’m considering more of them but they are time consuming. If I do more, hopefully they will get better with time. Surprising how sitting in front of a camera gets the nerves flowing.

Let me know what you think and hopefully I can do more in future.


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